Gourmet Cream Puffs


$36/dozen. Up to 1 flavor per dozen.


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$36/dozen. Up to 1 flavor per dozen

Flavors available:

The OriginalDiplomat Cream filling
CustardThe original secret custard recipe filling
Sea Salted CaramelSea Salted Caramel Diplomat Cream
Dark Chocolate Sea Salted CaramelA Dark Chocolate (80% Cocoa) ganache with Sea Salted Diplomat Cream
Ube Coconut CustardBeautiful purple ube custard made with fresh pureed ube root and coconut cream
CoconutSmooth coconut cream with coconut diplomat cream
S’MoresDark chocolate ganache with diplomat cream and topped with a torched marshmallow frosting
Strawberries’N’CreamFresh Strawberry pureed gelee with diplomat cream
White Chocolate RaspberryBelgian white chocolate ganache with a fresh raspberry puree swirl and diplomat cream
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter CrunchBelgian dark chocolate ganache with homemade chunky peanut butter and diplomat cream
Crunchy Cookie ButterCrunchy cookie butter ganache with diplomat cream
PB&JPeanut Butter Mousse Diplomat Cream with homemade raspberry jam filling
Honey LavenderHoney and Lavender infused diplomat cream, drizzled with raw honey
Earl GreyEarl Grey infused diplomat cream and an Earl Grey craquelin
Vietnamese CoffeeVietnamese brewed coffee and infused in diplomat cream (Caramel drizzle available upon request)
Banana Cream PieBanana curd with diplomat cream and a spiced craquelin
Dark Chocolate80% cocoa ganache with Diplomat cream


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