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Cakes are bakery style meaning they are 3 inches high or less.
6 inch – $30 about 6 servings
8 inch – $50 about 10-12 servings


Strawberry BavarianVanilla bean white cake, bavarian and fresh strawberry filling with a fresh whipped cream frosting
Strawberry ShortcakeVanilla buttermilk cake, fresh strawberry and whipped cream filling with a fresh whipped cream frosting
Banana SplitVanilla buttermilk cake, fresh strawberry, maraschino cherry, chocolate drizzle, and banana curd filling with a cream frosting
Death by ChocolateDark chocolate cake, mlik chocolate mousse filling with a dark chocolate ganache frosting
S’MoresDark chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse filling, sprinkled with graham cracker crumble, and a marshmallow creme filling with a dark chocolate ganache frosting
Cookies’N’CreamDark chocolate cake OR white cake with a cookies’n’cream buttercream filling/frosting
Vanilla BeanVanilla Bean cake with a vanilla bean buttercream
LemonLemon cake with a lemon buttercream
Lemon PoppyseedLemon cake speckled with poppyseed with a lemon buttercream
Fresh StrawberryStrawberry cake, fresh strawberry filling with a pureed strawberry infused buttercream
Confetti Birthday CakeConfetti sprinkled white cake with a confetti loaded vanilla buttercream
Red VelvetRed velvet cake with a cream cheese buttercream
Japanese Fresh Fruit CakeJapanese honey chiffon cake, seasonal berries and kiwi filling with a fresh whipped cream frosting
White Chocolate RaspberryVanilla bean white cake, raspberry compote and fresh raspberry filling, with a white chocolate ganache frosting
Lemon RaspberryLemon cake, fresh raspberry and raspberry compote filling with a lemon buttercream
Marble CakeDark chocoalte and white cake swirl, an alternating chocolate fudge and vanilla bean buttercream filling with vanilla buttercream frosting
Caramel AppleCaramel cake, spiced apple compote filling with caramel buttercream
Mint Chocolate ChipMint cake speckled with bittersweet chocolate chips, cream filling with a buttercream frosting
Chocoalte EspressoDark cake, espresso chocolate mousse filling with a dark chocolate ganache frosting
Sweet AlmondSweet almond vanilla bean cake with a sweet almond buttercream filling/frosting
Sweet Almond White ChocolateSweet almond vanilla bean cake with a white chocolate ganache filling/frosting
Almond Amaretto CreamSweet almond vanilla bean cake with an Amaretto infused white chocoalte ganache and cream filling
Carmelized BananaCaramel banana vanillla bean cake, banana curd filling, and a caramel buttercream
Dulce De LecheVanilla bean cake, homemade dulce de leche filling with a caramel buttercream
Coconut DreamLayers of coconut cake, coconut whipped cream filling/frosting with toasted coconut flakes
TiramisuElegant layers of ladyfinger style sponge cake infused with espresso and Marsala sweet wine, italian custard lightened with mascarpone whipped cream
Earl GreyEarl Grey and bergamot oil infused cake, orange marmalade filling with fresh whipped cream frosting


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