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Y-Vi’s Artisan Sweets provide Arizona with the most delectable desserts, utilizing only the most premium ingredients. Perfect for any occasion, casual or formal, Y-Vi’s Artisan Sweets will leave mouths watering for more.


$24 per dozen - 


Over 50 Flavors!

Macarons are perfect for any event, matching theme colors, with the most delicious flavors.

$60 - $100 - 

 Macaron Floral Box

5 Macaron Flavor Collections & Custom Bouquet

Macaron collections with mixed floral rose bouquet in the color scheme of your choice.


$48 - $50 - 

 French Fruit Tarts

2 Tart Sizes

Perfectly flakey crust, with flavorful custard, & the freshest fruit.

$36 per dozen - 

 Gourmet Cream Puffs

Over 15 Flavors

Perfected recipe for the most delicious cream puff, unique flavors wow taste buds.


$20 per dozen - 


7 Flavors!

Amazing fresh baked cookies for when your sweet tooth is calling. Great for events or for no occasion at all.

Prices start at $20 per dozen - 

 Royal Icing Decorated Cookies

3 Sugar Cookie Flavors!

Get custom decorated sugar cookies for any event. Show support or match a theme.


Prices start at $24 per dozen - 

 Cake Pops

6 Flavors

Delicious flavors, with custom decorations available upon request.

$15 - $36 - 


13 Flavors, 3 Sizes

Cupcakes for any occasion- From casual to formal, customize to your event theme.

$30 - $50 - 

 Bakery Style Cakes

Over 25 Flavors, 2 Sizes

Perfectly baked cakes, rich with flavor. Serve your family and friends delicious, moist cakes.

Call for Pricing - 

 Custom Cakes

Custom-made Cakes for You!

Custom decorated cakes for your special occasion, match your event theme perfectly!
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Bakery Style Cakes

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